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We are passionate about helping executives create efficient, productive and positive work environments. We provide creative, tailored and unique solutions for today’s complex performance challenges.
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With a [ PEOPLE-FIRST ] + [ TECHNOLOGY- SECOND ] approach, we channel our energy towards building the capability of the workforce and utilising modern cloud technologies to digitise and automate work processes and workflows. Our tailored solutions benefit both virtual and on-premise work environments to grow both the organisation and its people.


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In a new world where playing grounds are equal & winning demands absolute significance,
the only space left to innovate is YOU.

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Digital Transformation fundamentally reimagines how an organisation operates.

It elevates systems, processes, workflows, and human capital. Every aspect of the organisation is transformed and data is amalgamated to provide a new level of insights, enabling real data-driven decision-making. The advantages of workflow automation and advanced data processing through artificial intelligence and machine learning, are enabling companies to connect the dots on the customer journey in ways that weren’t possible before.

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the future
just happen

it is created by the pace setters

The future is not some destination waiting for our arrival. The forward thinkers with the willingness to set the pace and an obsession for doing things significantly better are the ones that decide what the future looks like.

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In The

Boards lack the technological expertise to fully understand the challenges and opportunities that data and technology present to their organisations according to a recent poll by ICSA: The Governance Institute and recruitment specialist The Core Partnership.

With a sharp increase in digital business models since the Covid-19 pandemic, boards should focus on acquiring technology talent as there is a shortfall.

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So who are we then?

DIGITAL HQ is a technology group of businesses that evolve around business people and technology. Our core focus is to fundamentally change the way companies apply and use technology to drive

operational excellence,
employee performance
and customer engagement

through a  [PEOPLE-FIRST] + [TECHNOLOGY-SECOND] approach.

As a company, we think future. Our fast adaptation to change allows us to pivot at the perfect moment in time, so we can live and lead our clients from there.

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we transform organisations through design, technology &, foremost, people

our clients’ opinions
matter most

We would like to congratulate and thank Digital HQ for excellent work done on the development of the Yoecs platform and brand.
It is not often that one finds Cloud Software Developers who understand the brief and are able to implement your vision and ideas. When we started the project, Ryan and his team were just as much excited about the project as we were. Their work ethic is of a high standard and timelines were met. The Digital-HQ team comes highly recommended and we at Yoecs will continue to use their services as we build the Yoecs brand and services. Thank you Digital-HQ. ” – Chris Steenkamp Yoecs
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Technology is HOW we change but humans are WHY we change


Amid the chaos and uncertainty currently in the world, one undeniable fact is that survival, if not success, in such a difficult economic climate depends heavily on digital capability.

In recent years, we saw a strong focus to replace legacy software and systems with modern solutions with a “revolutionised workplace” as the perceived advantage of the promise digital transformation presents. The recent change in work environment and services delivery methods have brought to light the all-round failure of digital transformation that has been unknown to us all.

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Take Note…

some things you might want to know about us

Time for bullshit2%
Willing to put our money where our mouth is100%
Willingness & ability to ask the difficult questions95%
approaching the tree with sharpened axes100%
Rush things to impress clients and please people5%
Frequent caffeine injections75%
We think legacy corporate processes & procedures work in a modern world3%

If you’ve read enough and want to talk about what really matters, give us a shout
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Our Companies

What differentiates us? Besides our great ideas, DIGITAL HQ owns a digital design and marketing agency, a software and mobile app development agency and ydox – all your operational software solutions. Collectively they spearhead our quest to transform and grow our clients.

The Digital Agency that will re-invent the way your customers experience your brand in a digital first world. The world class creative team can grow your business through DESIGN, MARKETING & CONTENT CREATION.
They are a bunch of forward thinkers that do things differently, in a breathtakingly beautiful way.



A multiple award-winning software and desktop/mobile app development agency that brings real business ideas to life.
The vast experience set evolves around digital transformation, process automation, cloud security and whatever the requirement is for a business to run more efficiently.



Work together, while apart. ydox is a secure communication, collaboration, & content management tool for business teams & clients, empowering teams to work efficiently from anywhere, on any device.

Winning teams work with the best tools.


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We understand the need for an all new style of advice, strategic partnerships and alliance.

We are differentiated, focused on client interests and highly specialised in our own technologies.
We see our amalgamation of deliverables as partnerships instead of projects.

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