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1. introduction

We like working with good people and we love bringing their ideas to life. We don’t just take on a project, we take on the client’s passion, their goals, concerns, and their understanding. as if it were ours.

We are not a development service provider. We build technology with our clients [ TOGETHER ], as if we were an extension of their own team.  We are a development partner and we come with more than just code. As a subsidiary of the DIGITAL-HQ advisory group, we bring executive advisory, business strategy, and a full range of digital services to the table. The success of our client’s business itself matters to us the way successful projects matter, therefore our development decisions are driven by the interests of the business.

Our experience spans multiple industries, from start-ups to corporates, local and international. We have worked on enterprise commerce and procurement systems, corporate digital learning algorithms, payroll mobile apps, enterprise stock management apps, remote work software, freight and logistics cloud software, digital security, automated [ NHBRC ] property enrolment, banking grade digital security, file management and remote work software, psychological & personality profiling, and many more. We even built the first ever fully mobile website builder in the world.

We hate losing. And when it comes to our work, failure is never an option. We have a decade’s experience winning, when the client wins we win.

Ethics & transparency is highly important to us. No compromise made here.

Lastly, you are here because you are considering partnering with us. Our work experience, client testimonials, and awards speaks for itself.

Good relationships with satisfied clients matters the world to us. We have grown our business on referrals from happy clients to the point where we had no need for marketing or sales.

We would love to work with you and look forward to building a long standing relationship and creating something great together.

2. awards

Awarded to the Digital-HQ group and Carl Wallace

2014 South Africa Small Business Of The Year2014 South Africa Small Business Of The Year

2015 Global Entrepreneur Roundtable - Technology Entrepreneur of the Year2015 Global Entrepreneur Roundtable - Technology Entrepreneur of the Year

Awarded to the Digital-HQ group and Carl Wallace

2014 MTN App of the Year for best Cloud Technology2014 MTN App of the Year for best Cloud Technology

2018 MTN App of the Year for Best Incubated Technology2018 MTN App of the Year for Best Incubated Technology

2018 APPS AFRICA top 52018 APPS AFRICA top 5

2018 Global Edtech Startup Awards – Top 52018 Global Edtech Startup Awards – Top 5

2019 Best Tech Start-up In Africa - Runner Up2019 Best Tech Start-up In Africa - Runner Up

2019 Western Cape Entrepreneurship Awards Winner – Most Innovative Business2019 Western Cape Entrepreneurship Awards Winner – Most Innovative Business


3.how we work

The very first thing

we do when a potential client approaches us for work, is a budget estimate proposal. The client provides us with all the functional info we would require to estimate the number of development hours and cost of the project.

The budget estimate enables us to determine whether the client has the available budget or not. It prevents the client from spending unnecessary money on the scope and spec documentation, and it helps us avoid doing this documentation work for a project with too little budget available.

We don’t bill for our time on the budget estimate proposal.

1. Project Scope + Wireframing

+ Upon approval of the budget proposal a software development agreement is signed by both parties and the deposit amount becomes payable.

+ We focus on defining the scope with a wireframe design that covers the entire scope in detail – feature by feature.

+ The product development roadmap is designed and implemented on our project management tool – monday.com.

[ OUTPUT – define & clarify project scope & wireframe ]

2. Development

With the wireframe and development roadmap signed off by the client, the Advisors & Software Engineering Team develops the software. The technology is developed in our tech stack, using established process patterns for application architecture and software development.

The technology is built per section.

Regular engagement between our team and the client ensures that expectations are being met.

[ OUTPUT –  tested functional software as per scope and spec ]

3. Testing

Testing consists of  Code quality, Unit testing, Integration testing, Performance testing, Security Testing, and User Experience testing. Testing is done by software engineers. Approved features are handed to the client for additional user experience testing and review.

4. Deployment

The technology will be developed on a WAPP server in AWS. When fully developed, the technology is prepared for running in a production-ready, live server environment where it will be accessed by its intended users.

[ OUTPUT – the release of the Production Readiness Software ]

5. Operations and maintenance

The start of the long-term relationship for the purpose of providing support, maintenance, monitoring, and new feature development.

4. technology

Our Code

Our software engineers are specialists in developing proprietary cloud technologies.
Only the best in coding languages, frameworks & libraries are good enough for us.

We are the architects of the codebases we build & control the environment end-to-end.
There are no limitations to what we can build within our existing tech stack.

our tech stack

Our PHP framework is Laravel – used for REST API’s in mobile applications, platform administrative management, and web portals.

Laravel is an industry-standard cloud software framework with a strong community base.

WEB-BASED APPLICATIONS –  we use React which has a symbiotic relationship with Laravel.

React is a Single Page Application library with a lot of flexibility and freedom enabling us to build with the maximum freedom to match design requirements.

MOBILE APPLICATIONS –  we use React Native, which allows for one codebase for both iOS and Android.

React is an industry-leading technology supported by millions of developers.

Notable platforms using React:
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix, Discord, AirBnB.

As natural-born problem solvers, we are the digital agency that will help you realise your potential, reimagine your customer experience and reinvent your future.


Our multiple award-winning software and app development team will bring your business ideas to life.


4. our showcase

A few examples of our work is showcased in illustrations and videos below.
Most of the technologies we build are enterprise software solutions that solve internal problems for large organisations.

A ‘behind closed doors’ demo over a video call can be arranged.

Nando’s – Be Part of More

Be Part of More is a digital cloud procurement platform we developed for Nando’s Global Business, headquartered in London UK.

The platform facilitates worldwide procurement of furniture and interior design products for all Nando’s stores. Globally, interior designers are able to order, customize and purchase products from various South African designers.

The platform was designed to facilitate the process of loading the products, enabling orders & customisation of products as well as the global freight network that’s needed to deliver the products.

In the first year of launch, Be Part of More generated just short of R20 000 000 in turnover on the platform.

Since its launch in 2018, we have been working on a retainer with Nando’s UK to further improve and expand the platform and enjoy a very healthy relationship with their organisation.


Digemy is a digital organisational learning platform, designed to retain knowledge through a repetitive learning algorithm.

Using adaptive learning, the platform identifies & closes the skills gaps for employees – empowering them with the knowledge & providing the organisation with in-depth insights on the knowledge levels of individuals and departments on courses, right down to topics and key take out points.

The platform:

+ Tracks and improves course knowledge over time

+ Delivers content in data light individually tailored micro-sized modules

+ Gamifies learning with leader boards, points, badges, and  rewards

+ Automates, tailors, and customises reporting and analytics

+ Tailors learning plans to the performance and knowledge of individual learners

+ The platform is white labeled, including an easy to use content management system and used by the following companies:


Spier Arts Trust

We developed the procurement, logistics, and data management system of the largest privately-owned art collection in the world. Art is procured from South African artists, from there it is shipped and stored in over 12 countries.

The platform handles:

+ The art submission process,

+ Artists profiles,

+ Event-based procurement,

+ Event management,

+ Price negotiation process,

+ Buying,

+ Logistics,

+ Warehouse storage management,

+ Bidding and Selling process to Approved buyers,

+ Final Art Location Management.