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A process driven culture

I want to indulge my people in the adventures that I am leading them on, I seek their buy in and strive to bring out the best in every one of them by installing a mindset of responsibility and accountability. I want my people to become champions in their trade and not just workers. People spend the largest portion of their lives at work, so it is my mission to create an environment wherein they can thrive. Our purpose and process driven culture is to create one of the best companies of its kind with the best team onboard. I want to create a culture amongst my people that create significance in everything we do.
– Carl Wallace | GROUP CEO


who are we? DIGITAL-HQ is the headquarters and holding company of a group of companies that innovates in the digital space with a focus on growing companies through technology and digital transformation. By listening carefully, we formulate ideas that evolves into concepts to achieve extraordinary results. Through repetition & multiple iterations we achieve the ultimate perfection. We simplify everything until everything we touch create the ultimate experience. Our group of companies combine creativity and technology to cultivate our own brands, and those of our clients, beyond their limitations.


Significance starts with the simplest of ideas. It starts with a small group of extraordinary people who believe in those ideas. A small group of people that have mastered the art of creating value through funding, company structuring and significant differentiation. We are able to build our unique business due to significant strengths in digital technology.

How we work

Over time we have formulated an environment where great ideas and innovation comes to life in our work. Having worked together for years, we’ve formed a culture built on endless refinement of ideas and inspirations that ultimately serve as the platform for innovative design and technologies – technologies that inspire growth, not only for ourselves, but for every client that we work with. We believe that research is key to achieve an adequate understanding of ideas and industries. As a team, we take pride in our knowledge across the key areas of our business and are committed to learning more every single day. We are a people-driven organization that believes in the development of our people in order to provide the best services and solutions to our clients.