Digemy Wins at App of the Year Awards

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Digemy Wins at App of the Year Awards

The MTN App of the Year Awards is a celebration of app development in South Africa; celebrating local talent and out-of-the-box thinkers that drive disruption and change.

In 2014, Digital HQ walked away with top honours with the award for Best Use of Microsoft Cloud Services, with our online website building platform, VIGO.

Last week was the seventh edition of this annual celebration of app development excellence, and Digemy, an app developed by Digital HQ, took the honours as the Best Incubated Solution.

Founded by Kobus Louw, Digemy is a learning platform like no other in the world, created to solve some of the biggest challenges in traditional education.

By using a series of algorithms based on neuro-scientific research, the app creates a unique learning path for each learner based on the learner’s knowledge of the subject before they start studying.

By continuously repeating the right information, at the right time, for the right learner, we are able to increase knowledge while decreasing the time spent learning.

Digemy has already proved highly successful in their roll-out to one of the biggest financial institutions in Africa, providing in-house training courses to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in South Africa, as well as building numerous academies for various clients, including one of the largest credit and analytics consultants in Africa.

The power in our technology lies in the fact that it is designed to deliver content in such a way that it actively increases knowledge while decreasing the time spent learning. By creating learning plans tailored for each individual learner based on their knowledge of the subject, learners now also know exactly what they need to study next to be able to master what they are learning.

While most online platforms are tailored for “passery”, Digemy is tailored for mastery, enabling learners to retain knowledge long after the course has been completed.  This gives us the fundamental base needed to eradicate the massive skills shortage in Africa and enable learning that works and drives knowledge” – Founder & CEO, Kobus Louw

As a profitable incubator, a platform like Digemy is exactly the type of technology that Digital HQ gets behind.

At Digital HQ, we foster early-stage companies through the developmental phases until they have sufficient financial, HR and physical resources to function on their own,”said Carl Wallace, CEO of Digital HQ.

Digemy was a perfect fit for us, because we build companies that solve real problems for businesses and consumers through digital and technology solutions. This is exactly in-line with Kobus’ vision for changing the way people learn, on Digemy,” he continued.

With two MTN App of the Year Awards in four years, Digital HQ is fast establishing itself as the go-to guys for excellence in mobile apps and other cloud-based solutions.

To learn more about the revolutionary technology behind the Digemy app, click here, and visit www.digital-hq.com to get in touch with us about your next app development project.