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01. The First Steps Of Change01. The First Steps Of Change

02. Digital Transformation Defined In A Way That Relates02. Digital Transformation Defined In A Way That Relates

03. Why Does Digital Transformation Matter?03. Why Does Digital Transformation Matter?

04. Why Digital Transformations Fail?04. Why Digital Transformations Fail?

05. Workforce Capability Building05. Workforce Capability Building

06. Business Growth Relies Heavily On Digital Transformation06. Business Growth Relies Heavily On Digital Transformation


The first steps of change

The very first step towards Digital Transformation
is accepting that CHANGE is a precondition for survival
in a new world where RAPID CHANGE is the norm.

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Digital Transformation
Defined In A Way That Relates

Digital Transformation is an in-depth integration of digital technology into every component of a business with the fundamental purpose of changing the way people work, modernising operations and delivery of optimal value to customers. Such a technology adoption requires a change in team culture & a shift in thinking that challenges the status quo, experiments with new ways of working & embraces failure as opportunities. A successful business transformation results in a better equipped workforce, streamlined operations, invaluable data and increased revenue which sustains and grows the business in an ever evolving digital landscape.

Carl Wallace – GROUP CEO

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Digital Transformation

As many reasons there might be for a company to transform digitally, the most likely reason is survival.

The rapid change in the world make it impossible for companies to survive without undergoing a digital transformation.

In the wake of the pandemic, an organisation’s ability to adapt quickly to supply chain disruptions, time to market pressures, and rapidly evolving customer expectations has become critical.

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Before getting into the crux of it, it is important to understand why most transformations fail.

Every company is different & transformation looks totally different from one to the other, even within a group of companies.

Pinpointing the reason behind the failure of transformations has so many variables and by no means an exact science. Here is a list of the most common reasons; relevant to any business or team.

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Workforce Capability Building

An enabled workforce performing at new heights in their work and personal lives is a major asset to the organisation & benefits all stakeholders. This enabling of the workforce is the result of successful Digital Transformation, known as Workforce Capability Building.

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relies heavily on Digital Transformation

COVIDs undeniable role in Digital Transformation has shaped the “what” and the “how” of companies’ digital transformation agendas to the point where growth and mere survival now heavily depends on big Transformations.

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How Successful Business Leaders
Lead Transformation

Undertaking a Digital Transformation relies on big internal and external commitments with the spotlight on the CEO’s ability to lead and deliver. A successful transformation will take their career to all-new heights or all-new lows if unsuccessful.

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Change used to be slow and easy. Suddenly we can’t keep up
Disruption is the new norm

What was dumb
& disconnected, is now

intelligent & connected

Cars, cities, ports, farms, even our bodies connect with sensors and soon will talk with each other

These game changers
are combinatorial,
they amplify each other,
creating a perfect storm
of radical change


Cloud computing
fuels big data

the internet of things
fuels artificial intelligence & deep learning

which in turn
fuels robotics

Yes robots & software
will do some
of our work,
but can never replace
our human only traits

These traits, such as

& ethics

can not be digitised or automated
& will become extremely valuable

To Get Ahead Of Change…

you have to start engaging more with what might be, than what is.
Live with one foot in the present and the other immersed
in the immediate future, 5 to 7 years from today

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As a technology group

the significance
& timing
of our pivot

sets the stage for our clients to pivot

We go beyond technology and data to reach human insight & wisdom to correct what has been grossly neglected in the promised transformation to digital

Not technology first,
but core belief and behavioural shift

Not single improvements,
but complete transformations

Not individual systems,
but new ecosystems


relies heavily on holistic business models with the adaptability to do more than keep up with exponential change, and set the pace

We live
& lead
from here


Real opportunity lies in being liquid; conforming to  surroundings and filling every square inch, down to every little crack, exposing the unseen weaknesses


People engage, relate and buy things for the experience provided, with far higher expectations and far less tolerance for average

Expect the same
from your
prospective clients


it is created by the pace setters

You either drive change, or you are being driven by it

Technology is HOW we change but humans are WHY we change


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So who are we then?

DIGITAL HQ is a technology group of businesses that evolve around business people and technology. Our core focus is to fundamentally change the way companies apply and use technology to drive

operational excellence,
employee performance
and customer engagement

through a  [PEOPLE-FIRST] + [TECHNOLOGY-SECOND] approach.

As a company, we think future. Our fast adaption to change allows us to pivot at the perfect moment in time, so we can live and lead our clients from there.

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we transform organisations through design, technology &, foremost, people

Take Note…

some things you might want to know about us

Time for bullshit2%
Willing to put our money where our mouth is100%
Willingness & ability to ask the difficult questions95%
approaching the tree with sharpened axes100%
Rush things to impress clients and please people5%
Frequent caffeine injections75%
We think legacy corporate processes & procedures work in a modern world3%


Amid the chaos and uncertainty currently in the world, one undeniable fact is that survival, if not success, in such a difficult economic climate depends heavily on digital capability.

In recent years, we saw a strong focus to replace legacy software and systems with modern solutions with a “revolutionised workplace” as the perceived advantage of the promise digital transformation presents. The recent change in work environment and services delivery methods have brought to light the all-round failure of digital transformation that has been unknown to us all.

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