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can you measure the impact of your digital marketing spend?


There are so many companies out there putting a lot of time and effort into digital marketing without being able to measure the results thereof. In fact, many digital agencies consider themselves digital marketers, when all they are really doing is producing content.

Effective digital marketing is a strong combination of art and psychology, which requires many boxes ticked to even remotely produce an ROI. The digital sales cycle consists of a few critical steps and getting just one element of a step wrong could cause a huge drop-off in conversions.

I would say one of the most critical skills in digital marketing is unique targeting. The more time, IP and strategic planning that goes into the setup of a target audience of a digital campaign, the better the chances of converting.

The global average for conversion in a digital campaign is between 2% and 3%, and that is still a good campaign. We recently ran a campaign for a Nando’s competition which required very specific audience and demographic planning. The results of the campaign after one month was 2292 click throughs to the website of which 1729 visitors downloaded the competition entry form. This gave us a 75% on-page conversion rate, which is completely unheard of in my opinion.


Conversion results of a digital marketing campaign for Nandos


Our digital marketing audit analyses your performance across a variety of channels, assessing the following key areas:


  • Reach: How effective and targeted is your organisation’s organic and paid exposure across digital channels?
  • Architecture: Are your digital channels well designed, properly structured, and functioning correctly?
  • Content: What information you are creating, publishing, and sharing across different digital channels?
  • Conversion: Do you have a process in place to “activate” visitors and get them to complete calls to action?
  • Measurement: Have you defined digital marketing objectives and key metrics? How do you measure performance?
  • Automation: Are all of your online and offline marketing touch points connected? What tools are you using to automate your sales funnel?


After our in-depth discovery process you will receive a Digital Marketing Audit Report that highlights recommendations, gaps and next steps including where to take action, what to evaluate and which new areas to explore.





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