We believe that a
[ PEOPLE-FIRST ] + [ TECHNOLOGY-SECOND ] approach to business transformation fundamentally changes how companies apply and use technology to drive operational excellence, employee performance & customer engagement. This is how revenue & profit growth is generated.

DIGITAL HQ started out as a tech incubator by founder Carl Wallace. The first two companies in the group were a software + app development agency [WAPP] and a digital design + marketing agency [DIGITAL DRAWING ROOM].

A masterfully crafted design, technology, finance, legal and due diligence infrastructure created the perfect environment to incubate award winning tech start-ups. One of the flagship incubated tech solutions is [YDOX] – a remote work and collaboration tool for business teams and clients.

Over the years the DIGITAL HQ GROUP accumulated vast experience in strategies around

customer acquisition
brand development
Technology Development
Technology Implementation
People TransformatioN
Business Growth Strategies
Team Collaboration
Cyber Security
Digital Content Management
Team + Client Communication
Due Diligence
Fund Raising
and Project Management

This unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience differentiates DIGITAL HQ in the consulting arena, specifically around Digital Transformation. We have a deep understanding of the human and business process elements that are critical for achieving a successful  digital transformation.

the beauty of Transformation

only reveals itself once successfully completed

Technology is HOW we change but humans are WHY we change

As a company,
we think future

Our fast adaption to change allows us to pivot at the perfect moment in time, so we can live and lead our clients from there

“ I believe that the world-wide failure of the impact DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION promised, can be directly linked to consulting firms focusing on the DIGITAL part of the word, looking at the technology and brand names behind tech, rather than focusing purely on the transformation itself. “

– Carl Wallace | CEO

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