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share files securely and collaborate with your team

Share Files Securely

The traffic situation in Cape Town is so severe that Government has made a plea to business owners, to allow their employees to work from home where possible.

This poses a massive problem for many business owners: How do we share files securely and allow our team to collaborate on files?

Email is no longer an option as it’s not secure – this email scam proves exactly that.

The affordable solution? YDOX!

YDOX makes it easy to share files securely with anyone inside and outside your company – but only those who are authorised to access the files.

Some businesses only need to backup their data and access it occasionally when not in the office. However, if you have employees working remotely and on the same files as their colleagues, you’ll need access to the latest version, all the time. Searching through mails for the correct version of a file can be time consuming and leaves room for error – YDOX allows you instant access to any version of a file, so you can simply continue where your colleague left off.

You can even set permissions to every file – determine who has access to add, edit or delete, for example. Granting limited access to a certain number of collaborators can make all the difference between a data breach and simply working with colleagues on a file.

As you can modify or revoke permissions at a moment’s notice, you can quickly react to changing circumstances. User roles define the permissions granted by the data owner to people with whom files have been shared.

Each invitee can be assigned the role of a manager, editor or reader. These roles determine what actions users can perform with a shared user, so you must consider these carefully. User roles can be changed by the data owner at any time.

With complete version history and a host of other collaboration tools, YDOX allows you to share files securely, even if your employees are working from a remote location.

To learn more about YDOX, click here.

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