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The Future of Effective Website Communication 

With the speed of online transformation and the way user experiences change, it has become imperative to ensure that your website remains up to date and optimised for improved customer conversion.

We have identified two core factors that can greatly improve the effectiveness of the Tresor Group website: Trust & Ease of Information


A major drawback of the growth of the internet, is the increase in scammers and fly-by-night operators who lure customers into parting with their money, with no real prospect of receiving a return. 

The Pyramid of Trust, adapted from Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, highlights the basic trust needs that should be met before an online user progresses into a business relationship.

Establishing trust through your website is a gradual process where scepticism needs to be overcome, the comfort level increases and a relationship can be formed. 

LEVEL 1: Baseline Relevance and Trust That Needs Can Be Met

In order for your website to set a baseline level of trust, it needs to speak to the user’s needs. Is the service that you offer, relevant to what their needs are? And more importantly, is that what your website communicates? 

From a design perspective – does your website look professional, and does it create an extension for the rest of your brand? 

  • Use High-Quality Images
  • Avoid Colloquialisms and Jargon in Web Copy
  • Consistency of Brand & Message
  • Keep The Design Modern & Relevant 

LEVEL 2: Interest & Preference Over Other Options

Is your business a better option than others? Here it becomes important to highlight years of experience, past results if possible, and testimonials from long-standing customers. 

It is important to position yourself as an expert in your field – this is done through regular online content creation in the form of blogs and newsletters. 

  • Promote Testimonials & Case Studies
  • Certifications and Awards
  • Educate Rather Than Sell (blogs)
  • Include Your Target Audience in Your Content

LEVEL 3: Trust with Personal Information

Do I trust this website with my personal information? Would a user be willing to submit their details in order to receive a consultation or call-back?

Ensure that your website looks and feels professional, but also that it has a SSL Security Certificate installed for added peace of mind – personal information is a valuable currency that people want to protect. 

  • Ensure the website is HTTPS secure
  • Present Additional Business Information (Core values, etc.)
  • Make Your Team Members Known

LEVEL 4: Trust with Sensitive/Financial Information

Here it becomes important to outline how you process sensitive information and how you protect it on behalf of the customer. Do you follow POPI guidelines? Where is this information stored and who has access to it? These are all important answers to provide on your website to set concerned users at ease. 

  • Display Other Guarantees and Disclosures
  • Keep The Website Up To Date

LEVEL 5: Willingness to Commit to an Ongoing Relationship

If you’re able to successfully guide the customer through the first four levels, he/she will most likely feel comfortable to engage in an ongoing relationship with your company. 

In an industry where decisions are often made because of personal relationships and referrals, trust can be your biggest asset, your website plays a large roll in communicating that. 


We live in a time of instant gratification and lazy readers – people want what they are looking for, and they want it without having to put any effort in. Therefore, providing the right information in small, digestible bits, is key. 

Unique Value Proposition 

Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) needs to be clear, concise and easy to understand: it should clearly express your service’s distinct selling points to potential customers. 

A UVP is not a slogan, it’s a statement about your business, what you do (how do you solve the customer’s problem) and what makes you better than your competition. 

Get this right, and future customers will know exactly what to expect when doing business with you. 

What Your Users Want To See

It is important to determine what potential customers want to see on your website, to help them make better decisions. Find that information and then display it in such a way that it’s easy to find and easy to understand – do not make people work for it. 

Clear User Journey

What actions do you want your customer to take next? If you want them to call you, tell them. Complete a contact form? Book a consultation? Tell them – make sure your call to action headlines and buttons are clear and that they make sense. 

It’s also important to inform the user of what to expect next – want us to call you back? “Provide your details and we’ll do this within 48 hours.“

Adaptability to Change

The importance of communicating your business’ ability to adapt to change. The world has undergone dramatic change in the last two years and customers need to understand if and how you are using technology and online platforms to make your business less susceptible to failure due to situations out of your control.

Efficiency in digital tools is becoming increasingly important to consumers who need to be set at ease with the knowledge that management is comfortable and able to adapt.

While there are certainly too many trends to mention, we believe that garnering trust and perfecting user information will be the key to ensuring that becomes a valuable tool in converting new leads and referrals into long-standing customers. 









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