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why we are not a tech company

Contrary to popular belief, Digital HQ is not a tech company.

Having been the CEO of an award-winning company within the tech industry for many years, I recently came to the unexpected conclusion that we are, in fact, not a tech company.

As you can imagine, this ghastly realisation came as a huge shock to me.

Yes, we do have creatives and developers that create beautiful and functional tech products for ourselves and our clients, but that is not what the company is all about.

We are a group of people with passion, who believes that what we do can actually change the world for the better. We are in the business of solving real-world problems for people, as well as businesses of all sizes.

Changing and impacting lives for the better – that is what we are about.

We are in the business of change.

We developed the furniture procurement system for the global rollout of new Nando’s restaurants and the redesigning of existing restaurants.





It is an astonishing piece of technology that solves the enterprise need to fill their restaurants with Nando’s-approved South African furniture; but that is not the true purpose of the platform.

The real purpose is to position South African furniture designers on a global stage, giving them access to a global marketplace, allowing them to grow their businesses beyond their current means.

This opportunity leads to tremendous growth in the operations, volumes and revenue streams of these small enterprises and can effectively transform a one-man business into an industrial enterprise.

We are enthusiastically proud to be part of so much more with a brand like Nando’s.

In a similar fashion, we are developing an art procurement and management system for the international Spier Arts Collection which hosts almost 30 000 pieces of art, one of the largest art collections in the world.

As with Nando’s, the Spier Arts Trust provides South African artists with a global marketplace and incredible growth opportunities. They are changing lives in the South African art industry.

In the spirit of solving real problems, we developed technology that addresses and solves the serious digital-security, cyber-crime and file management issues that businesses are experiencing world-wide.

YDOX logo
 is a real game-changer for business facing the inevitable risk of cyber-crimes.

Another serious matter being addressed by our group of companies is the lack of measurable knowledge-levels in the private and corporate education space.




We developed, a platform that transforms temporary information into permanent knowledge.

Imagine studying a topic and remembering the information forever, instead of temporarily?

The DIGEMY technology creates measurable knowledge that provides corporates with granular insights into the knowledge levels of their employees, or clients, on their internal training material.







What is even more exciting, is that DIGEMY will soon be launching BESMARTA, a product that will change the way South Africans think about finance, saving, budgeting and the impact of credit on their lives so they can improve their quality of life and ultimately decrease their probability to default.

DIGEMY alone could create an unmeasurable economic impact and change lives in ways we can’t even start to imagine.


We are not a tech company.

We are a company that is passionate about changing the world for the better, empowering people through technology, improving lives and solving real problems.

I am thankful to be surrounded by a team who share the same views as I do; people that are helping me to build a company of change.

Please get in touch with us and tell us how we can change your world for the better.

written by Carl Wallace – Group CEO